Feid’s ‘Nitro Jam Underground’ Miami Stop Surprises With Daddy Yankee and Yandel

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A sold-out arena was full of fans covered in green hats, pants and shorts and El Ferxxo’s white signature sunglasses while waiting for a night that was more than a concert — it was a 3D experience.

Feid‘s Ferxxo Nitro Jam Underground Tour had an epic first night in Miami Friday, June 16, before he wraps up with his second and final show at the Kaseya Center on Sunday, June 18.

Produced by Live Nation (which also helmed the artist’s 2022 U.S. tour), Ferxxo (pronounced Fercho) was set for a 29-city tour that kicked off April 20 at the WAMU Theater in Seattle and visited key cities such as Los Angeles, Las Vegas and New York before wrapping in Miami.

Upon entering the Miami show, you were given special glasses for an immersive, 3D experience after scanning your ticket. These glasses gave you full access to the world of El Ferxxo. At 9:40 p.m., the lights dimmed and a video appeared across large screens, displaying the visual for his single “MXFIX G5” and a message to turn your flash off.

Wearing a beige sports jacket, shorts, white shades, his signature green cap and black-green-neon gloves, Feid arrived on stage to perform the opening track “Chorrito Pa Las Animas.” From the start of the show, he warmly greeted his fans and expressed his excitement for this special evening.

“Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart to everyone who came tonight to ‘Parchar con el Ferxxo’ in Miami Mor. A thousand thanks to everyone who came in green tonight, those who came with El Ferxoo’s glasses, with the cap,” he said, and he finished with, “Remember that if you are going through something bad, leave all that out from the theater. Today we came to have a good time.” “Porque el Ferxxo no se le dedica a cualquier mor (because you don’t dedicate El Ferxxo to whoever),” he added.

Below, check out more highlights from Feid’s concert.

Feid’s energy on stage: Feid’s high-energy performance included big smiles and running across the stage while dancing with his DJs and guitarist, creating a fun and lively atmosphere reminiscent of a boys’ night out.

Heartfelt conversations: He took a moment to recognize how difficult it can be and how hard is to live far away from your country and your family, but how all the sacrifice is worth it. “There are only good people here, special people, people who dream, and if you are going through something ‘nea’ (man), all that will pass. Pure blessings are coming for everyone who is here today.”

Daddy Yankee and Yandel’s surprise appearance: The epic moment in which two of the biggest stars in music surprised Miami fans by singing “Yankee 150,” the remix that premiered yesterday featuring the “Big Boss.” It was euphoric, especially since the “Gasolina” hitmaker announced his retirement in 2022.


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